How is the UK Climate Risk Independent Assessment (CCRA3) used?

The UK Climate Change Act (2008) and Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 set out a statutory five-yearly cycle of UK climate change risk assessments, followed by national adaptation programmes for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Each cycle leads into the next so that learning, experience and adaptation action can feed through and result in progress in adapting to climate change in the UK over time.

National Adapation Programme – England

The National Adaptation Programme (NAP) sets the actions that the UK Government will take to adapt to the challenges of climate change in England, plus a small number of reserved sectors across the UK such as defence. It is the UK Government’s strategy to address the main risks and opportunities identified in the risk assessment for England, and is also produced every five years. The CCC has a statutory duty to evaluate progress in adaptation through the NAP every two years.

Adaptation in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland