Technical chapters

The University of Exeter is leading a consortium of experts who are preparing the technical chapters for the Evidence Report.

The technical chapters cover the underlying analysis and assessment of the level of risk or opportunity across the natural environment, infrastructure, people human health, built environment, business and international dimensions.  The chapters will also set out the latest understanding of current and future climate change in the UK, and the CCRA method.

These will be published in full in 2021.  The list of chapters is as follows:

  • Chapter 0 Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Latest Scientific Evidence for Observed and Projected Climate Change
  • Chapter 2 – Method
  • Chapter 3 – Natural Environment and Assets
  • Chapter 4 – Infrastructure
  • Chapter 5 – Health, Communities and the Built Environment
  • Chapter 6 – Business and Industry
  • Chapter 7 – International Dimensions