Independent Assessment – Downloads

Here is a list of all of the downloads available in the Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk (CCRA3).

Advice ReportClimate Change Committee Advice Report
Climate Change Committee Animation
Climate Change Committee Launch slides
Technical ReportFull Report – Technical Report of the Third UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA3)
Chapter 0 – Introduction
Chapter 1 – Latest Scientific Evidence for Observed and Projected Climate Change
Chapter 2 – Method
Chapter 3 – Natural Environment and Assets
Chapter 4 – Infrastructure
Chapter 5 – Health, Communities and the Built Environment
Chapter 6 – Business and Industry
Chapter 7 – International Dimensions
National SummariesEngland
Northern Ireland
Sector BriefingsAgriculture and food
Business, including supply chains and trade
Cultural heritage
Flooding and coastal change
Freshwater habitats
Health and social care
High temperatures
Land use, land-use change and forestry (including impacts on decarbonisation/sequestration)
Marine and coastal environment
Telecoms and ICT
Terrestrial biodiversity
Young People
Research and Supporting AnalysisMonetary Valuation of Risks and Opportunities in CCRA3, Led by: Paul Watkiss, Federica Cimato, and Alistait Hunt, Paul Watkiss Associates
Projections of Future Flood Risk, Led by Sayers and Partners
Projections of Future Water Availability, Led by HR Wallingford
Understanding how behaviours can influence climate change risks, Led by AECOM
Climate-driven threshold effects in the natural environment, Led by UKCEH
Interacting risks in infrastructure, the built and natural environments, Led by WSP
A consistent set of socioeconomic dimensions for CCRA3, Led by Cambridge Econometrics
Advice on improving the accessibility of the Climate Change Risk Assessment 2022 Synthesis Report & other outputs, Led by SWM
UK Wildfires and their climate challenges, Led by: Professor Claire Belcher, University of Exeter et al.
Comparison of UKCP09 and UKCP18 RCM-PPE ensembles, Led by: Dr. Tim Johns, Global Systems Institute, University of Exeter
Effect of potential climate tipping points on UK impacts, Led by: Dr Helen Hanlon, Dr Matthew Palmer and Professor Richard Betts, Met Office Hadley Centre
Climate change, agricultural land use and changes in farm emissions of greenhouse gases, Led by: Dr Mattia Mancini, University of Exeter et al.