UK climate risk in pictures

An invitation to submit photographs to illustrate the impacts of climate change in the UK

Are you a photographer who has a passion for highlighting how climate change is affecting the landscape and bringing risks to how we live in the UK?

A team of experts, commissioned by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) and led by the University of Exeter in partnership with the Met Office, are currently writing the technical chapters for the 3rd UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA3) Evidence Report, to be published in 2021.

We would like to include selected photographs of events or places that illustrate current or potential future impacts of climate change in the four countries of the UK, to provide meaningful context for our research and findings.

Our remit covers the risks and opportunities that changes in UK climate and extreme weather bring to the natural environment, infrastructure, health, communities, the built environment, business and industry, along with the implications for the UK of climate change elsewhere in the world. Photographs illustrating the causes of climate change and measures to address this by moving to a net zero economy would also be of interest.

If you would like to submit photographs that can give a powerful, visual and thought-provoking message to support our writing, we would love to hear from you.

Deadline for submitting photographs is 31 October 2020

Submission information:

Deadline: 31st October 2020

After the submission deadline, photographers will be notified at a suitable date before the CCRA3 Evidence Report is to be finished if we would like to include their images. We will acknowledge receipt of all images.

Entry: Free

Selection: Successful images will be selected by a panel of judges to be announced.

Eligibility: The only limitation is that entries must represent original works which address the broad theme of climate change and within the context of the highlighted areas of focus of the CCRA3 evidence report.

Media: Photography only.

Entry images must meet the following specifications:

Your images will be used primarily for digital display in the online publication of the CCRA3 Evidence report. If your submitted images are selected, we may ask for them to be sent in a format suitable for print.

You are able to submit up to 5 images.

All entries must be named with artist’s last name (underscore), title (or shortened title). Please do not send detail images, nor include text or borders that are not part of the actual image.

Images files should be sent in high quality 8-bit JPEG format, images should have a longest dimension of maximum 1280 pixels. Preferred width for landscape orientation – 1000 pixels and preferred height for portrait orientation – 775 pixels and be exactly 72dpi and no more than 1 MB in size.

Please email submissions with the subject line ‘CCRA3 Photograph Submission’ to

In your email text, please include the following:

  • Your name and clear contact details
  • Which listed category (above) you feel is most suitable for your work
  • Titles of all included photos with the corresponding file names


Prize details: Inclusion in the 3rd UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA3) Evidence Report 2021.

Copyright: The artist retains full copyright to the submitted work. Entrants assume and accept all legal and financial responsibility for any infringement on the privacy rights or copyright of others caused by creating or presenting their work in public. Any photograph used by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) and CCRA3 programme members shall carry the photographer’s credit line.

Usage rights: The CCC and CCRA3 programme will retain the submitted images of accepted artwork and reserves the nonexclusive right to use the images in all CCC and CCRA3-related online and print publications and for any presentations or promotion requirements. Any photograph used by the CCC and CCRA3 programme members shall carry the photographer’s credit line. No royalties or compensation will be paid.

The CCRA3 Technical Chapters Project Team

Writing of the CCRA3 technical chapters are being led by the following experts:

  • Prof Richard Betts (University of Exeter and Met Office – Project Director)
  • Prof Dame Julia Slingo FRS (University of Exeter)
  • Paul Watkiss (Paul Watkiss Associates)
  • Dr Pam Berry (University of Oxford)
  • Dr Iain Brown (University of Dundee)
  • Dr Ruth Wood (University of Manchester)
  • Prof Lee Chapman (University of Birmingham)
  • Dr David Jaroszweski (University of Birmingham)
  • Dr Sari Kovats (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
  • Rachel Brisley (Steer Group)
  • Dr Swenja Surminski (London School of Economics)
  • Prof Andy Challinor (University of Leeds)
  • Prof Tim Benton (University of Leeds and Chatham House)
  • Around 200 experts from approximately 65 organisations are also contributing to the chapter writing and other components of the CCRA3 process. The CCRA3 programme as a whole is being managed by the Committee on Climate Change.

More information on the CCRA3 programme can be found here.