Presentations Day 1: Is the UK on track to adapt to climate change?

In the run up to the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow in 2021, the National Centre for Atmospheric Science, the SPF UK Climate Resilience Programme Champions at the University of Leeds, and the Committee on Climate Change will be jointly hosting a climate change adaptation conference on 13-14th October 2020.

Ahead of this conference, speakers have each provided a short presentation on their particular area of expertise. Presentations are grouped by the conference session they relate to. The views of these presentations are that of the speakers and the speakers alone. These should not be taken as the view of the conference organisers.

Keynote speech from the conference
Emma Howard Boyd “Build up resilience of millions of homes and businesses”
State of climate science – Global and UK climate in a 3C+ world
How Have Climate and Hazardous Weather Changed Already? | Professor Peter Stott
How will Global / UK Climate & Hazardous Weather Change in a 3°C World? | Professor Ted Shepherd

Modelling and Predicting Changes in Climate and Hazardous Weather | Professor P. L. Vidale
Modelling and Predicting Changes in Climate and Hazardous Weather | Dr Lizzie Kendon
Linking Climate to Hazards and Risks | Professor Nigel Arnel

Linking Climate and Weather to Hazards and Risks | Professor Hayley Fowler
State of climate impacts
Water Resource Systems | Professor Jim Hall
Building Resilience to Climate Risks in UK Food Production | Professor Jerry Knox
Impacts on Terrestrial Ecosystems | Dr James Pearce-Higgins
Climate Change Impacts on Infrastructure and Cities | Dr Ruth Wood
Health and Well-being | Professor Matthew Bayliss
Climate Risks and Adaptation Action for Business and Industry in UK | Dr Swenja Surminski
No Nation is an Island: International Dimensions of Climate Change | Professor Andy Challinor