Presentations Day 2: Is the UK on track to adapt to climate change?

In the run up to the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow in 2021, the National Centre for Atmospheric Science, the SPF UK Climate Resilience Programme Champions at the University of Leeds, and the Committee on Climate Change will be jointly hosting a climate change adaptation conference on 13-14th October 2020.

Ahead of this conference, speakers have each provided a short presentation on their particular area of expertise. Presentations are grouped by the conference session they relate to. The views of these presentations are that of the speakers and speakers alone. These should not be taken as the view of the conference organisers.

Keynote speeches from the conference
Baroness Brown “Everyone has a part to play in the race for resilience”
How likely is it that we can adapt to a 3 degree world, and where might there be limits to adaptation?
Managing Flood Risk in the UK | Professor Robert Nicholls
Managing Water Stress in the UK in a 3°C world | Nicci Russell
Food Security and Other Risks Arising from Overseas | Prof. Tim Benton
Adapting the UK to 3°C of Global Warming: Health and Climate | Emer O’Connell
Adaptation at 3°C+: Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Nature-based Solutions | Mike Morecroft
What are the governance, awareness, data, cultural and political changes that need to be made to enable the UK to prepare for 3 degrees+?
UK Perceptions of Dangerous Climate Change | Professor Nick Pidgeon
Monitoring and Data Needs | Professor Robert Wilby
Evaluation and Governance | Paul Watkiss
Increasing Investment in Adaptation and Resilience | Amal-Lee Amin