The Independent Assessment used to help inform the third UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA3) assesses 61 risks and opportunities from climate change to Scotland, including to business, infrastructure, housing, the natural environment, our health and risks from the impacts of climate change internationally.

  • Of these 61 risks and opportunities, more action is needed in Scotland now to address 32 of them, with sustaining current action only deemed appropriate in four cases.
  • Of the 61, four issues are deemed to be both a risk and opportunity, three of which are associated with the natural environment and each of these require more action or further investigation.
  • There are also eight opportunities that could arise from climate change in Scotland, with five of them requiring more action or further investigation.

*To note, following this publication, the Scottish Government have updated their list of policy leads for each risk. Please contact the Scottish Government for more information on climate risk owners.